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Under 21? Here's how to get temporary cover for driving a car.

Can under 21-year-olds buy short-term car insurance? It is possible for those aged 17 to 21 to buy insurance for a short period but the choice of companies that offer these types of policies to young people are limited. Some will only accept motorists over the age of 21, and there are those who only accept those who are 25 years of age upwards. So, it can be necessary to shop around.

Generally speaking insurance for those under the age of 19 is restricted to learner driver insurance. This type of policy is designed for those who wish to gain extra experience before taking a driving test; a condition of it of course is that the learner is accompanied at all times by a fully qualified driver.

Over 19-year-olds can apply for normal temporary cover but they have to bear in mind that premiums are likely to be higher than those available to older and more experienced motorists. This is because of the relatively high accident rate that young drivers suffer from. Iat is also possible that they would have to accept a higher excess.

Special policies are available for those who have recently passed their driving test. Sometimes a condition of buying such a policy is that a black box (telematic tracker) is fitted.

How do I get cheaper short term insurance?

The same rules apply as are applied to those buying car insurance annually. You should pick a car with a fairly small engine and in a low insurance group. Cars such as:

are all reasonably cheap cars to insure.

Is there an alternative to short-term car insurance?

It may be possible for your parents to include you on their own insurance policy. However some insurance companies are very reluctant to accept younger drivers in this way.

You should also bear in mind that if you have an accident when you are covered in this way your parent's no claims discount could be badly affected and they would have to face increased premiums in the future.

Could temporary cover save you money?

Car insurance prices for young drivers can be very high and so it could be a waste of money buying a yearly policy for someone who is only going to be using the car from time to time, such as a student who would only want to drive during holidays from University. Buying short-term cover could be a much more economic way of staying legal on the road, as well as being protected from the huge costs involved in having an accident whilst uninsured.

Driving whilst uninsured

It is a sad fact that a very large proportion of uninsured drivers are under the age of 21 owing to the cost of yearly insurance, but they run an enormous risk since the police now have extremely sophisticated ways of catching them. The penalties for driving while uninsured are even worse for a fairly new driver than for an experienced one and can even include imprisonment.

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