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Under 21 car insurance - an example

Ashley Brookes was 17, and a student at Sterling University where he was studying for a joint honours degree in economics and computer science. His parents lived in Greater Manchester and because they were very proud of their son they decided to buy him a small car to drive during the long summer breaks from his studies. Mindful that young drivers are viewed with some suspicion by insurance companies - hardly surprisingly when the accident rate of the under - 25s, as a group, is many times that of older, more experience drivers - they bought him a fairly small car, a 1400cc Vauxhall Astra. When they got quotes for the insurance, though, they were quite staggered - they lived in a low-crime residential area, the car had an alarm and immobiliser, the expected yearly mileage was likely to be very low - and yet the lowest quote they could get was well into four figures, for a small engined car that would only have been driven for several weeks a year! They looked at the possibilities of buying short term car insurance which, since it covered drivers for between 1 and 28 days could have been the ideal answer to the problem but they found that most of the insurers would accept a driver under the age of 21, and only one would accept clients from 18 upwards.

Eventually though they came across the E-Car month by month insurance policy. Under this scheme it was possible to buy insurance cover for as little as a month, and if necessary they could have kept on renewing the policy for a maximum of eight month's cover altogether. This was not meant as a substitute for a yearly policy, and indeed they worked out that the cost of eight months of cover would cost them more than they would have to pay for a year's conventional policy, but since they only needed it for the odd month at a time it made good economic sense. The proposal form was simple and straightforward and the transaction was conducted 100% online within just ten minutes or so they didn't even have to go and visit a local broker, an important factor for a couple with such busy lives.

They now intend to keep buying month by month car insurance polices for the periods of Ashley's visits until he graduates; by then he will be 23 and car insurance costs will be likely to be much more reasonable for someone of that age than they are for a teenager.

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