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Driving a car that's not insured? It won't be long before you're flagged down by a police officer, the car you are driving is taken off to a police pound and you find yourself facing a huge fine, a pile of points on your licence and possibly a driving ban. Lent a car to someone who isn't insured to drive it? You'll face pretty much the same penalties except for one thing; it will be YOUR car that's been impounded. So, how did the driver get caught in the first place?

Usually, it's because a camera, either a fixed or a hand held one, has recorded the car numberplate. This has been compared automatically to a database called, would you believe, the Motor Insurance Database (called the MID for short) and this carries information about every car insurance policy in the UK. This procedure takes only a split second to process the information and if there is no policy registered on the vehicle a police officer somewhere ahead is warned about it. When you are pulled up there is not only a pick-up truck waiting to take your car away but a police van as well; a high proportion of uninsured drivers have committed other offences in the past and a lot of them are disqualified drivers. Off they go to the local lock-up to face the magistrates in the morning, if not sooner.

Where are these cameras? The favourite sites are roads with slow moving traffic, which makes it much easier for a police officer on foot to stop vehicles, rather than risk high speed chases. There are also lots of cameras all over major roads and motorways, recording every car journey many times over. The favourite time is between about 10.00am and 2.00pm, because a lot of uninsured drivers don't have jobs so there is a higher proportion of them on the road outside normal working hours.

What happens when a car is stopped? First of all the driver and passengers are asked to positively identify themselves and then the car is searched. Assuming that everything else is in order the vehicle is taken off the road and impounded immediately whilst it's occupants are left to make their own way home on their own; that is, if they are lucky enough to avoid being arrested.

Uninsured drivers are a priority target for traffic enforcement officers. They now have all the high tech tools they need to catch and prosecute the majority of them, very quickly.

Had convictions, or is there one pending? Need car insurance at the right price?

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