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Essential Cover for Driving In The EU

Many short-term car insurance companies issue policies which automatically cover the driver or drivers throughout the European Union as well as in the UK. It must be borne in mind however that even if you take out a comprehensive policy these companies will normally insure you with the absolute minimum cover once you leave the UK, in other words with the equivalent of third party only cover. This means that if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire it will not be covered, and in the event of any accident at all the insurance company will pay for neither repairs to your vehicle nor injuries to yourself or your passengers. It will however pay for damage and injuries to third parties.

Upgrading your cover

Fortunately a number of insurance companies allow you the option of upgrading your policy in order to provide fully comprehensive cover both in the UK and throughout all countries of the European Union. If you are travelling on a very tight budget it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest possible cover but driving on the continent can be very different to driving in the UK; not only do they drive on the opposite side of the road to us, but many of the traffic regulations are different and can cause confusion which can easily lead to accidents by even the best drivers. Perhaps paradoxically the more experienced a driver is the more chance there could be of an accident while driving in Europe since many of us react to unexpected situations instinctively, and when the car is being driven on the opposite side of the road to which one is used to a minor problem can easily escalate to create a very dangerous situation indeed. If you do intend to travel outside the UK it is strongly advisable to take up fully comprehensive EU cover since an accident so far from home can result in all kinds of unexpected problems and costs.

Roadside Assistance

Good short term car insurance companies also give you the option of buying cover for roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident both in the UK and abroad, and if you are not already a member of a recognized roadside recovery service such as the AA or RAC you may well find that the peace of mind you will get for opting for this cover will be well worth the small extra cost.

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